Recently, I decided I needed a project.  So I decided it was time to update The Carpeted Wall (TCW).

But then came the big decision:  WordPress or nah?

You see, as I’ve gotten more and more into WordPress, to the point of exclusively using it for client builds, I always was proud to keep my portfolio as one that was hand-coded.  This showed that I didn’t have to rely on fancy, new CMS technology in order to build a website.  I could prove my HTML and CSS skills are real.  But two facts convinced me to give in and go WordPress once again.

  1. I didn’t want the trouble of building a true 100% responsive site (which is something the old version was lacking because it was so out of date).
  2. No one cares anymore. Sure, it’s a big deal for most employers to need to know you know your way around code, but you can prove that in many other ways.  Most of them are using CMSs now, too, so even if you don’t know HTML too well, you can still get a job.  And my clients don’t care.  More than anything, they just want something that looks good and is easy to maintain on their own.

So I’ve gone and made The Carpeted Wall in WordPress.  I’ve chosen to utilize some CSS tricks to put my little spin on the pre-built theme, as I usually do.  I need to express SOME creative coding, you know?

Anyway… there’s not much going on these days for TCW.  I help maintain a few websites for people, but I currently do not have the time to dedicate to building new sites.  My photography has been on hold for awhile, too. 

So really, the only thing going on is this redesign.  It gave me the opportunity to purge some old stuff and bring some older stuff back from the dead — in a space I’m calling The Dead Zone.


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