The End of The Road

(Cross-posted from Original post found here: I was recently hospitalized for what was later diagnosed as gastritis. Though another doctor said it could be gastroparesis. Or both. Who knows. But the point is, I haven’t been able to fully recover from it yet and maybe I won’t. I can barely eat anything due to not having much of an appetite and will sometimes throw up what I do get down. I’m in constant Read more…

Version 4 Launched

Recently, I decided I needed a project.  So I decided it was time to update The Carpeted Wall (TCW). But then came the big decision:  WordPress or nah? You see, as I’ve gotten more and more into WordPress, to the point of exclusively using it for client builds, I always was proud to keep my portfolio as one that was hand-coded.  This showed that I didn’t have to rely on fancy, new CMS technology in Read more…

Stage Magazine Rebrand

Stage Magazine has undergone a very smooth rebranding and The Carpeted Wall is very proud to have helped. Along with a domain name switch, Stage required a new logo and a new website, both of which have been added into the portfolio.

Eighty6 Appeal

A new logo has been added to our portfolio, thanks to Eighty6 Appeal who commissioned The Carpeted Wall to design a logo for use on their business cards. There are talks that TCW will also be tapped to design and build a website for this new, independant cosmetology business.

Stage Magazine

As a result of a successful redesign of, The Carpeted Wall has now added (A.K.A. STAGE Magazine) to its website portfolio. This site was also programmed in WordPress and should provide its many dedicated followers a new, flashier look and a greater organization of current and past reviews, interviews, and local theatre announcements and press releases. Additionally, the Member’s Only area of the website was able to be transferred to this new layout without disturbing the current subscriptions whatsoever.

The Village Players

The Carpeted Wall is proud to present the newest addition to our portfolio of design. asked us to help with a new design of their site and we hope the new design presents a more informative and organized representation of the theater company. Programmed in WordPress, this re-design is not only giving The Village Players of Hatboro a fresh look, but also provides many more ways for users to engage with the group via RSS, Facebook, and Read more…

TCW Version 3

The Carpeted Wall receives its second re-design in 9 years. It’s been fun looking back at the original design from 2001 and a refreshing change from the design launched in 2005. I hope it serves as a more professional looking showcase of some of my best efforts over the years. Of course, I’m sure it will continue to evolve further as time goes on.

ECJ Tragedy

Since a growing number of web surfers are investigating their way to this website today in the wake of a tragic event, I’d like to express my sympathy for the families and friends involved with those who lost their lives today in the plane crash which occured in Minnesota. Secondly, I should mention that although East Coast Jets still uses my design for their website, I forfeited all webmaster duties back in January 2007 (approximately) Read more…

Hidden In The Sand

The ultimate Tally Hall fan headquarters,, is launched. After months of researching, designing, and learning, this has been a tough personal project to put together and it’s still not completed. Most likely, it will be one of those sites that will be constantly morphing, adjusting, and adapting as time goes on. With a completely interactive and comprehensive FAQ system, a Flash based chatroom (complete with file sharing, AI bots, interchangeable themes which the users Read more…