The ultimate Tally Hall fan headquarters, hiddeninthesand.com, is launched. After months of researching, designing, and learning, this has been a tough personal project to put together and it's still not completed. Most likely, it will be one of those sites that will be constantly morphing, adjusting, and adapting as time goes on. With a completely interactive and comprehensive FAQ system, a Flash based chatroom (complete with file sharing, AI bots, interchangable themes which the users can control and edit, and fun sounds), and lots more interactivity, this is THE place to learn, connect, and share with other Tally Hall fans. www.hiddeninthesand.com

The Carpeted Wall has just completed and launched its newest website, www.eastcoastjets.com. Need to charter a jet? Consider East Coast Jets. There are great guys and gals there and they're sure to treat you right.

The Carpeted Wall is proud to host a special chat event with Tally Hall. It will take place on Thursday, October 20th at 9pm EST.
Go to: http://www.thecarpetedwall.com/tallyhall/chat/ to join us!

Also, East Coast Jets, Inc. has chosen The Carpeted Wall to redesign their website. So be on the lookout for a new addition to the portfolio in the near future!

Congratulations to The Carpeted Wall for receiving a major facelift. The unnecessary menu options have been taken away to create more of a portfolio feel rather than a half portfolio/half sales-pitch objective. The design portfolios have been upgraded with Flash animations (don't skip over the cool new photo restoration examples!) and my new graphic design resume has been added for your viewing pleasure. I welcome any feedback you have, good or bad.

After almost 4 years, this site will be receiving a new design in the coming days/weeks. Stay tuned!

A new website has been added to the portfolio. Say hello to www.fastpixels.com: Sergio Rojstaczer's photography website.

The services page has been updated with different pricing and now offering photography. The Portfolio has changed slightly to follow suite.

A new site has been added to The Carpeted Wall's portfolio. It's totally of my own doing. Say hello to the Unofficial Kurt Vile Website.

A new site has been added to The Carpeted Wall's portfolio. Congratulations to Celia White on the launch of her photographic services website: celiawhite.com

The Carpeted Wall is now hosted by ProHosters -- who are the absolute best hosting company out there. If I was a celebrity, I would endorse them without pay. Thank you ProHosters for helping to breathe new life into The Carpeted Wall.

Finally, The Carpeted Wall has been updated! Check out Services, Portfolio, and About sections to see all the changes. The guestbook is also back up and running. If you've received services from me or you're just cruising by, drop me a note in the guestbook!

After a couple months of being unable to log into the server, I can now get in and update what I need to. Please check back soon to see the additions.

Proud to be co-hosting Biking Through Hawaii, a journal kept by Joel Perlish as he embarks on a monumental biking trip through Hawaii.

The guestbook is back up and running. Go ahead and sign something to it!

Have a good holiday everyone!.

Another restoration has been added to the portfolio. It is quite possibly the most impressive yet! Check it out.

Business cards have been ordered! Sneak preview them here.

Three more restorations added to the portfolio.
Update 11/10/01: Two restorations have been taken down due to temporary rejection of consent from the owners.

The Carpeted Wall is now officially launched!